Band To The Future

Coert’Z Band to the Future was founded in May of 2014 with the goal of practicing and recording the bigband compositions of Coert Zonneveld. These compositions were in October of 2014 recorded and in December the album, For Mrs. Ever first appeared.

The band members who came from other bigbands from the Rotterdam and the Hague area didn’t want to stop at the one cd, with the result that this orchestra threatened to continue to exist. The goal of this still young orchestra is to participate in jazz festivals and to perform concerts uniquely featuring the compositions of Coert Zonneveld.

The band has a unique sound and a unique repertory that no other bigband can offer! Say the band members about the compositions, “Bigband like it is supposed to be, or should be”.

Is it bigband? No. Is it classical? No. Is it a soundtrack? No. Is it fantastic? Yes!

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