Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra

The Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra JayJayBeCe - an acronym for JugendJazzBand Charlottenburg, or YouthJazzBand Charlottenburg - was founded in 1987 by Christof Griese at the Musikschule Charlottenburg. A mere six months later JayJayBeCe won the 3rd prize at the European Big Band Competition  in Berlin. The unique concept - young musicians playing exclusively works by Berlin composers - resulted in invitations to festivals in Berlin, London - Lewisham, Norwich, Cardiff, Eindhoven, Kopenhagen, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Hoofddorp. 

JayJayBeCe is more than a conventional big band and the young and talented musicians are equally versed in the wide and dazzling area of Modern Jazz:

Not content with a mere cozy swing time, the ensemble engages in a cross-stylistic melange of Cool Jazz, sonic landscapes and atonality.

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