Codarts Young Talent Bigband

The Codarts Young Talent Bigband is a new orchestra from the music courses at Codarts. The project is under the direction of Ben van den Dungen and Søren Ballegaard.

The goal of this jazz orchestra for the young talent of Rotterdam is to be an orchestra that functions  as a kick-off for the unavoidable musical career of these young musicians. In other words, we are going for it all the way with this band. Do a lot of concerts, and blow the roof off is the motto. It is a band that the public can expect a lot from, such as boundless inset, energy, pleasure and a highest standard of playing.

The Codarts Young Talent Bigband is a sparkling orchestra that is full of energy and young musicians from whom the fun, the pleasure in making music, the teamwork and team performance are clear to see and hear.


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