New Harlem Deluxe

New Harlem Deluxe is a 20-piece youth bigband from Haarlem, under the direction of Lorenzo Mignacca. The band was founded in 2009 and has since built up an impressive curriculum vitae. In 2015 the band performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival and they brought in four prizes from the Princes Christina Competition at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Last summer Italy became acquainted with this fantastic bigband when New Harlem Deluxe performed a week long tour through the country.

How can this success be explained? New Harlem Deluxe is a bigband with a unique character which is formed through an enormous dose of of enthusiasm and an original repertoire. From authentic New Orleans street music to the established hits of Stevie Wonder, New Harlem Deluxe plays it all. Even original compositions written by band members are performed. This diverse repertoire and performance distinguishes New Harlem Deluxe from other youth bigbands. Sparkling solos and tight arrangements which command the most out of these young musicians give NHD the real bigband sound. Few youth bigbands can deliver like New Harlem Deluxe, which always results in fully appreciative and enthusiastic public.

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