West Coast Big Band

The West Coast Big Band is a real jazz ensemble with an adventurous and swinging big band repertoire. It consists of; a mixture of classics by Count Basie and Duke Ellington; challenging repertoire of Bill Holman, Thad Jones and Quincy Jones; to the work of young Dutch arrangers. The West Coast Big Band is led by Nils van Haften. 

The West Coast Big Band aims to make new repertoire from our own Dutch backyard available to all bigbands in the Netherlands. In order to achieve this goal the band has realized 3 projects: All Dutch, More Dutch and New Dutch. 

The West Coast Big Band is frequently seen at jazz festivals and is a regularly asked to accompany vocalists and instrumental soloists. The band has worked with big names in the Dutch jazz scene, such as Benjamin Herman, Piet Noordijk, Ferdinand Povel, Ilja Reijngoud, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Carlo de Wijs, Martijn van Iterson and vocalists Gretchen Kauffeld, Edwin Rutten, Soesja Citroen, Denise Janah and Ronald Douglas. The band also makes private parties and dinners a stylish and swinging event by working together with vocalists in the styles of Frank Sinatra and Natalie Cole.



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